Judge Ginsburg to Teach Administrative Law at NYU

Judge Douglas Ginsburg announced earlier this month that he will be taking senior status in October. NYU Law School immediately announced that he would be joining the faculty in January. The school has already posted his bio. According to his c.v., Judge Ginsburg will be teaching two seminars (Corporate Governance and Readings in Legal Thought) in addition to a required course on The Administrative and Regulatory State.

Judge Ginsburg taught at Harvard Law School from 1975 to 1983.

Prior Coverage:


  • Jennifer Frey, Introducing Douglas H. Ginsburg: Professor of Law (NYU Law, Sept. 26, 2011) (“For now, he will commute from the D.C.- area, where his varied interests and pursuits allow him to be, as [Cadwalader’s Rick] Rule put it, ‘a foxhunting Virginia gentleman in the old sense and a thoroughly modern man at the forefront of technology and the law.’”).

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