One in Three Supreme Court Clerks Has Clerked on the D.C. Circuit

More than one third of the Supreme Court clerks for October Term 2012 will be former D.C. Circuit clerks, according to the list published by David Lat at Above The Law.  Out of 39 hires, 16 have D.C. Circuit experience.

Congratulations to the following D.C. Circuit alumni:

From Judge Tatel:

  • Brian Burgess (to Justice Sotomayor)
  • Eric Citron (to Justice O’Connor)
  • Joshua Johnson (to Justice Ginsburg)
  • Sina Kian (to Chief Justice Roberts)

From Judge Garland:

  • Samantha Bateman (to Justice Kagan)
  • Martine Cicconi (to Justice Ginsburg)
  • Zach Schauf (to Justice Kagan)

From Judge Brown:

  • Ryan Watson (to Justice Alito)

From Judge Griffith:

  • Brian Barnes (to Justice Alito)
  • Janet Galeria (to Justice Thomas)
  • Brad Garcia (to Justice Kagan)
  • Sina Kian (to Chief Justice Roberts)
  • Anthony Vitarelli (to Justice Souter)

From Judge Kavanaugh:

  • Caroline Edsall (to Chief Justice Roberts)
  • Adam Klein (to Justice Scalia)
  • Claire McCusker Murray (to Justice Alito)

From Senior Judge Randolph:

  • Jonathan Ellis (to Chief Justice Roberts)

This ratio is consistent with the roster for the present term (October 2011), during which 12 out of 39 Supreme Court clerks have previously clerked for D.C. Circuit judges.  Former clerks to Judges Tatel, Garland, and Kavanaugh, and Senior Judge Williams have already been hired for October Term 2013.

After the First Circuit, which has only six active judges, the D.C. Circuit is the smallest of the thirteen federal courts of appeals.

[Updated with new information from Above the Law on June 15, 2012.]

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