Monthly Archives: February 2012

Obama To Tap New Nominees to the D.C. Circuit

Joan Biskupic reports White House spokesman Eric Schultz’s statement that “The president will be nominating judges for the D.C. Circuit in short order, but we hope the Senate moves quickly to confirm all of our pending judicial nominees.”   Continue reading


No Honeymoon for Bride-Hunting Taliban Recruit

With notable exceptions, the D.C. Circuit has generally decided Guantanamo habeas appeals unanimously and with brevity.  On Tuesday the court partially unsealed an eight-page opinion by Judge Griffith in Suleiman v. Obama that follows the general pattern. Continue reading

D.C. Circuit Revives Excessive Force Case Against D.C. Cops

Days before five Supreme Court justices vindicated his “mosaic” theory of Fourth Amendment search by GPS in United States v. Jones [PDF], Judge Ginsburg issued another Fourth Amendment opinion that may be just as unpopular with the Metropolitan Police Department. Continue reading