D.C. Circuit: Union Can’t Bargain Away Rival Union’s Parking Spots

A labor union’s agreement with the employer is “contrary to law” and therefore voidable when it governs the working conditions of employees in another bargaining unit. In a three-page opinion, [pdf] the D.C. Circuit upheld an FLRA decision allowing the Navy Supervisor of Shipbuilding to renege on an agreement with two unions to that would have deprived members of a third union of any on-site parking.

“[T]he original agreement between the two unions and the Supervisor defined the parking privileges of members of another bargaining unit. The agreement was thus contrary to law.”

National Ass’n of Indep. Labor v. FLRA, No. 11-1299 (June 1, 2012) (Kavanaugh, J., joined by Henderson & Tatel, JJ.).

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