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Conditional Probability Lowered the Odds for Guantanamo Habeas Petitioners

A recent study by Professors Mark Denbeaux and Jonathan Hafetz of Seton Hall School of Law concludes that the D.C. Circuit’s 2010 decision in Al Adahi v. Obama marked a turning point in the district court’s adjudication of Guantanamo habeas petitions. Continue reading


D.C. Circuit Could Split Three Ways on Material Support for Terrorism Conviction

Today the D.C. Circuit heard oral argument in a challenge to Salim Ahmed Hamdan’s conviction for material support for terrorism–a crime that Congress recognized after Hamdan committed the acts for which he was convicted but which the Government says is derived from “the domestic common law of war.” Continue reading

So much for agency expertise.

Joshua D. Wright (George Mason University School of Law) and Angela M. Diveley have posted on RegBlog a synopsis of their recent unpublished paper, Do Expert Agencies Outperform Generalist Judges? Some Preliminary Evidence from the Federal Trade Commission. Continue reading