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  • Speech: Blessed: Providence, Pessimism, and the Parable of Honor (Stanford, Sept. 21, 2011)
  • Speech: Rebirth, Revival, or Requiem: The Return of the Forgotten Man, Heritage Foundation (Jan. 3, 2011) (“A]llegiance to the American worldview—what earlier generations would have called the spirit of American liberty— has been waning for a long time. That creed, that worldview, that spirit of liberty represented the only anti-utopian tradition to survive in modern times. When Abraham Lincoln warned that we might ‘nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth,’ it was the American notion of human freedom of which he spoke.  If that ‘last best hope’ has not already been carelessly shrugged aside, we have come heartbreakingly close, and the story is not over.”)


  • Radio: [Pre-Confirmation] Profile: Judge Janice Rogers Brown, National Public Radio (May 2005) (“Her style is–I think some would call it polarizing; others would call it very intellectually vigorous and entertaining. She can be very funny. . . . It reminds me very much of Justice Scalia’s writing style.  It’s very smart, it’s very brainy, it’s very entertaining, but it also tends to ridicule the losing side . . . . Those who are opposed to her nomination rarely mention rulings such as People v. McKay, in which Brown was the only California Supreme Court Justice to point out the different standards police use when they stop cars driven by black motorists. . . . She definitely has issued some opinions that I would call fairly courageous in the criminal justice area where she has been the lone dissenter in cases involving hot-button criminal justice issues. . . . She was very friendly, very intellectual, and–I just have to say–very different than her written opinions.”)