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  • Television: Pete Williams, Supreme Court Close-up: Merrick Garland, NBC (2010?) (“[Judge Garland and Chief Justice John Roberts] know each other. They’re friendly. [Commentators] feel he’s familiar with the kinds of issues that end up in the Supreme Court and that he could go in and from day one be a very productive justice. Now, that’s the plus side. The minus side for liberal interest groups, he’s not a liberal. . . . [H]is record on criminal justice issues, he’s probably more conservative than Justice Stevens is. . . . His bipartisan support is a strong suit. When he was confirmed [to the D.C. Circuit] in 1997, he got 32 Republican votes. . . . But I think that they believe that in term of collegiality in terms of wisdom, in terms of . . . persuasive power by the strength of his reasoning, Merrick Garland’s defenders say he may be the strongest at that.”).