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D.C. Circuit Mulls Challenge to NLRB Recess Appointments

From Sam Hananel’s account of today’s oral argument in the NLRB recess appointments case, it sounds like Victor Williams’s political question argument attracted some  attention–at least from Judge Griffith.   Continue reading

Five D.C. Circuit Judges Will Speak at Federalist Society Convention

The D.C. Circuit is showing up in force at the Federalist Society’s annual National Lawyers Convention today through Saturday at the Mayflower Hotel, three stops away from Judiciary Square on the Red Line.  Continue reading

Failed Motion for Summary Judgment Preserves Purely Legal Issue for Appeal

To preserve a purely legal question for appeal, a party need not move for judgment as a matter of law pursuant to Rule 50 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, if she has already moved for and lost summary judgment on the issue.   Continue reading

Note to Arrestees: Get Prosecutorial Promises in Writing

The defendant in In re Sealed Case said the prosecutor promised to release him if he testified before a grand jury about a rival gang member.  The defendant testified as requested, but instead of being released, he was hauled before the district court and sentenced to a term of imprisonment in accordance with a plea agreement he had signed earlier.   Continue reading

Judge Griffith to BYU Law Grads: “Go forth to serve!”

D.C. Circuit Judge Thomas Griffith was the convocation speaker at Brigham Young University Law School on April 20.  The law school reports that in a speech urging graduates to serve others, “Judge Griffith pointed out three great lawyers who exemplified both professional expertise and character: Continue reading

No Honeymoon for Bride-Hunting Taliban Recruit

With notable exceptions, the D.C. Circuit has generally decided Guantanamo habeas appeals unanimously and with brevity.  On Tuesday the court partially unsealed an eight-page opinion by Judge Griffith in Suleiman v. Obama that follows the general pattern. Continue reading

D.C. Circuit on Constitutional Standing: No Shortcuts Allowed

A class of United Airlines customers challenged the airline’s anti-scalping policy as an antitrust violation in Dominguez v. UAL Corp., and the district court granted summary judgment in favor of the airline. Continue reading